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Subiaco Umpires Receive Service Accolades

Thursday, August 2, 2018 - 11:32 AM

It has been a year of achievement so far for the Subiaco Football District. The rollout of the new Auskick Model has been a huge success. The change for year 3 football to modified, the Parent Umpire program being implemented alongside this and much more still to come.

The district would like to now recognise and congratulate members of the Umpiring group. It is a massive achievement to be recognised as part of the Subiaco District Umpiring team who continue to lead the way in WA for their professionalism, leadership, integrity and extremely high standards for which they have become known for. The following umpires were recognised for their commitment and continued development by the Umpiring team and the District.

First Year Umpires: Alex Banducci, Dylan Blaxill, Jeremy Holdway, Ethan Holmes, Joel Klvac, Connor McKenzie, Rohan Miles, Alexander Mola, Joey Moloney, Thomas Parsons, Kane Pearce, Fletcher Reid, Mathew Reynolds, Pierce Rose, Hayden Shillito, Alex Skeffington, Joshua Smith, Kaylum Trutwein.


Second Year Umpires: Harrison Kepinski, Jacob Matteo, Joshua Moses, Jayah Clair, Luke Hopkins, Hayden Fortune Bond, Matthew Lowndes, Connor Mann, Ayden Nolan, Jack Prideaux, Luke McIntosh, Alex Sedlarczuk, Jack William Spencer, Thomas James Spencer, Jack Green, Ryan Harrison.


The District would also like to recognise the continued support of its major sponsor Chris Biddle CEO of Westwide Roofing. Chris has been a long-time supporter of the Subiaco District Umpiring team. His contribution has enabled the umpires to continue to recognise achievement and uphold their status as the leaders of Junior Football Umpiring teams.

Congratulations to the recognised recipients on their achievements. Be sure to look out for these fantastic ambassadors of the game at your next junior football match.