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Norm Bryant Celebrating 30 Years at Warwick Greenwood JFC

Friday, September 14, 2018 - 10:11 AM by Jesse Tippet


2018 marks a big milestone for Warwick Greenwood Junior Football Club, as veteran clubman Norm Bryant celebrates 30 years of volunteering at the club. Norm was originally a member of the Northern Districts JFC, which is one of Warwick Greenwoods Parent clubs. During his time, Norm has engaged in all roles and aspects of junior football. From Coaching to time keeping to even running water, there isn’t a job too big or too small that Norm hasn’t done.

Every year Norm will call the Club President to see if there is a team available for him to assist with.  In previous years Norm has been placed with teams that would benefit the most from the social and cultural support his involvement tends to provide.   He brings “something to the team that words cannot describe” as current WGJFC President, Helen Watkinson, stated in a recent interview.   This year however he has been assisting with a Year 6 team.  The club hopes this placement will give Norm a stable home to see him through to retirement. 

Norm’s experience has given him an understanding and appreciation of what makes a junior football club successful.

Norm’s contribution to a team is consistently one that is acknowledged every year at the Club’s Trophy Presentation Night.  A common comment in reference to Norm is “every team needs a Norm”.  The final round of the home and away season marked Norm’s 500th game being involved with Northern Districts and Warwick Greenwood collectively.

30 years and 500 games of experience is something you cannot look past. The dedication and resilience shown by Norm is an expression of how much this amazing game means to him. Norm is one of Football’s long serving volunteers who continues to give up his time  to ensure the kids and community are having fun, learning and participating in the greatest game in the world.

On behalf of the Subiaco Football District and the Western Australian Football Commission, we want to extend our thanks and gratitude to Norm and commemorate his contribution to our great game.  Congratulations Norm and thank you.