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Laws Of The Game - Changes for 2019

Tuesday, February 26, 2019 - 3:51 PM

Thought you knew everything about the laws of the great game? Well this season, you will definitely need to rethink that.

As you'd already be aware, there have been several new rule introductions to AFL football this season, the vast majority of which, will filter their way down to our Junior Football competitions.

These changes will require a lot of patience for both the players and umpires.

The new rules are applicable to both 18 and 15 a side competitions.

Key areas of change are to the player set up at bouncedowns and changes to kick ins following the scoring of a point. There are also technical changes to the hands in the back interpretations, the 50m penalty implementation, kicks on goal after the siren, marks and free kicks taken deep in the defensive 50 and also to the positioning of players around the umpire at bouncedowns. And to keep everyone right on their toes, changes to the ruckman taking the clean possession out of a ruck knock will vary, depending on which age group you play in.

It's a lot for everyone to absorb and no doubt there will be some confusion,  as all stakeholders including spectators become accustomed to the new landscape. Remember, be patient!

To read up on the changes and how they effect your competition, go to this link;