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Coaching Corner Update

Friday, May 17, 2019 - 11:53 AM

What a magnificent start to the Junior footy we have had. Coaches are as a whole, really starting to embrace the player centred model and working towards a better learning and participation environment for all of our players involved.

The weekend just past was a great tribute to our umpires, for without them and their great contributions we wouldn’t be able to play. At one of our junior games we also saw a coach show great compassion and leadership, when an opposition player was injured in a bump. The coach, who is a young 20-year-old volunteer, educated his players about how to properly behave when an opposition player is injured and consoled not only his player who laid the bump but also checked up on the opposition player. This kind of leadership is exactly what we love to see at our junior games. We may be wearing different jumpers and playing for different clubs, but we are all playing and participating in the game we love together. Kingsway Coach Michael Bechelli, is to be commended for his efforts and I am so glad that this feedback was passed onto me so I can share a shout out to sportsmanship and leadership within our community.

If you see or know of a coach doing an exceptional job at your club or around the grounds please don’t hesitate to pass that information on, we too often than not get caught up in the negatives of what goes on around us and I’d love to celebrate the positives.

Coach Education session are well underway, if you are yet to attend your 2 sessions for 2019, please log into and find a session near you, that interests you. This year’s new approach to coach education has been well received and numbers are slowly growing.

I look forward to see you all out around the grounds on the weekend.

Wesley Moran
Coach Coordinator – Metro North
West Australian Football Commission
M: 0409 084 483