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Balga JFC Celebrate Aboriginal Contribution to AFL

Wednesday, June 26, 2019 - 2:20 PM

On Sunday July 23rd Balga JFC showcased a cluster of junior football games at its home ground Barry Britton Reserve. This was no ordinary round of junior football. Balga JFC also celebrated the annual District Dreaming round as did many clubs across the junior football community. The celebration featured a welcome to country ceremony and a special traditional Aboriginal dance performance that not only impressed the crowd but shed light on the rich culture of Aboriginal people to the many in attendance.

Subiaco District Development Officer Matt Debarro commented, “It was truly an exhilarating showcase and insight into the rich culture and history of Aboriginal people. I was blown away at how engaged the audience were and very impressed at how well the special guest performers and Aboriginal ambassadors were able to showcase themselves and their culture to all in attendance.”

Balga JFC continued to celebrate this special round with their year 8 team taking to the park in a newly designed Balga JFC District Dreaming round Jumper. Balga JFC President Gary Forrester had this to say. “Our club has a strong connection with the Aboriginal community. We are proud to have so many talented young Aboriginal footballers at our club. We are honoured to be able to host such a special round of junior football and recognise the contribution of all Aboriginal people to our great game.”

All 4 games were played in great spirits as kids from all across the Subiaco District and Metro North region showcased their talents and put on a great spectacle for all in attendance.