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Dockers Stars Talk Footy with JSR Education Support Students

Wednesday, June 26, 2019 - 2:45 PM

Monday 24th June four Fremantle Football Club players paid a special visit to the students form the JSR Education Support Program. In collaboration with the Subiaco District staff and JSR head of Physed David Traynor, the students were able to partake in a Football skills session with the FFC stars.

Development Officer Matt Debarro commented. “It was amazing to see how excited the students were to meet and have a kick with some of their favourite AFL players. The Freo boys did a great job in delivering a fun educational session, the students really impressed us with their skills and endless engagement in the activities.”

The sessions also featured some Q&A with the players where students were able to find out about the players journey to the AFL, and some of their most memorable moments. The biggest fan of them all however was none other than Head of Physed David Traynor who commented. “It was awesome being able to host the Fremantle players at our school. We know how rare it is to have such an appearance with so many schools in our district, I am glad we were able to share this with our Ed support students all of whom love AFL and the Fremantle Football Club.”

Young gun Mitch Crowden and midyear draft recruit Dylan O’Reilly were amongst the 4 players who made an appearance. The players finished off the sessions by giving away some Fremantle FC merchandise as well as signing posters for every student and teacher in attendance. With what is looking to be a cracking season so far both on and off field for Freo, there is no doubt that visits like these to some very enthusiastic fans of the game will only grow the number of fans in the purple army.