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Lions District ‘Sock it to Sarcoma’ in Style

Monday, July 1, 2019 - 9:26 AM

Last weekend was the annual ‘Sock it to Sarcoma’ round in Junior Football across Metro North, where players kit up wearing odd socks in games to help raise money for Sarcoma research by contributing a gold coin donation. Last year raised nearly $10,000 dollars and this year will see just as much raised as thousands of players across all 3 districts rallied behind the cause as they paraded a colourful and stylish array of odd socks during games.

District Development Officer Matt Debarro commented, “It was just amazing to see so many people every year continue to get behind this special round of football. This one is very close to our hearts and we really appreciate the support the Football family continues to show. Plus, it’s always awesome seeing all the different types of socks the kids rock out during games.”

The round kicked off on Friday night with girls footy and continued to Saturday morning with Auskick centres odd socking in style during their session. The players continued to odd sock in style on Sunday throughout junior football. Facebook and Instagram were alive with pictures rolling in of players, coaches, parents and club volunteers rocking out odd socks in all colours, designs and sizes.

The Subiaco District would like to thank all those who donated to the cause and played footy in their odd socks.