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Edmund Rice Centre Coach Development Day

Thursday, July 18, 2019 - 1:15 PM

On Tuesday the 16th on July, we were lucky enough to be invited down to the Edmund Rice Centres Coach Development Day. The day was run by Lueth Duot, the centres Coaching and Officiating coordinator. Lueth did a magnificent job of helping the coaches identify the importance of the centres coaching philosophy as well as developing their own coaching philosophy.


Wes Moran, Metro North Coach Coordinator presented on Developing Craft Work (fundamental skills) for junior players. The session had a 40-min theory session, where the budding Aussie Rules coaches all learnt how to identify and develop the four main skills of kicking, marking, handballing and tackling. The coaches underwent an extensive remediation and development workshop to ensure they had the best understanding of the skills possible aswell as identifying the reasons how coaching young athletes has changed and how we can coach to get the most out of our players.


The Fourteen coaches in attendance displayed their own personal skills in the practical session, where they put what they had learnt in the classroom into practice. The practical session involved working on the 12 exercises that we discussed in the theory session as well as the coaches being given the opportunity to ask Wes some questions about coaching practices in general and see some different drills to help them improve areas of thier own coaching knowledge.